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Seeking More of God

Phil, in England, has been participating in the online School of Discipleship course, Skills of Spiritual Conversation. He writes:

“When thinking about how I hope for such [spiritual] conversations to be more natural, not forced or false, I was reminded of when I was being taught how to bat in cricket and play golf. In both sports learning how to hold the bat or club properly felt really awkward and strange at first, but then, with practice, holding them correctly became more natural and comfortable and enabled you to hit the ball much more consistently and sweetly.

I don’t know whether this is a helpful analogy but perhaps when we are seeking to live more intentionally with God and invite the Holy Spirit each day to fill us, we will find it becomes easier, more natural, to feel His prompts and be more confident in allowing him to speak through us and guide conversations with others.”

Is the Lord is prompting you to seek more of Him? Do you need to practice skills or disciplines of spiritual conversation? Why not take a step of faith and join in an Inspire online courses? A great place to start would be with the Introduction to Fellowship Bands that begins in a few weeks. Or register now to join in the Skills of Spiritual Conversation course starting January. That would be a good New Year resolution! 

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