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Shining Jesus Light in Lockdown

As Northern Ireland and the UK went back into lockdown at the end of December, probably until at least mid-February, the Harte Family decided to start a simple practice of praying with their four boys at 8pm every night.

They light a candle and use P.R.A.Y as a pattern for their prayers: 
Rejoice and Reflect

From Pete Greig’s “How to Pray”…

The image of the candle in the window is from Suzanne Watson, who is a member of the Harte’s church. She started with the image at the top of the blog but felt that it didn’t grasp the concept of shining light out to the community. Suzanne is a GP who started painting during the pandemic. You can read more HERE

Click the links below to read more about the Harte Family shine Jesus’ light in their community

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