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Sing Because Something Amazing Is Coming!

We received a remarkable reflection just before Christmas and we wanted to share it with you because we know that many in our Inspire family are feeling the darkness of the winter days – spiritually, mentally and/or physically. We pray that the Lord will encourage you … to sing 🙂

“I noticed something today and came home and did a bit of research. I noticed the birds singing more today. I looked it up to see why birds would sing more on one particular day rather than any other and discovered something quite amazing. Last night, December 21st, was the longest night. So today had just a few minutes more sunlight than yesterday. Birds pick up on that!! Isn’t that amazing!? It’s not Spring yet, but somehow the birds pick up on a few extra minutes daylight and start to sing because they know Spring is coming! They still have to get through January and February, which can often be the coldest hardest months and may be the months where they run out of food or maybe even die. But they are singing because the first signs of Spring are here. They have made it through the longest night. 

I’m not saying you have to sing for joy because everything is going to be fine, it might not be. You might have a long, hard, cold January and February to face. But maybe like the birds we need to sing because the signs all point to something good/amazing coming?!

I was amazed by it. I’m not saying it’s easy because it flippin’ isn’t. But if you’re struggling to ‘sing’ and I’m having a brighter day, then I’ll sing for you. And if I’m having a tough day but you’re feeling stronger, I hope that you will sing for me.”

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