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Stories of Jesus

“Tell me the stories of Jesus, I love to hear, things I would ask him to tell me, if he wer here.”

William H. Parker, a Sunday School teacher in England, wrote this hymn in 1885 when the children in his class asked of him, “Teacher, tell us another story.” There are actually six stanzas of this hymn, touching on different stories we typically share of Jesus; of the children gathered around His knee, of Jesus calming the seas, and of those following Jesus waving palm branches high above their heads.These stories of Jesus tell us about who Jesus was, of His unfailing and sacrificial love for each of us. They show us how to follow Jesus and how to live a life that honors Him. Through these stories, children begin to truly know Jesus. 

But these are not all the stories. The stories do not end with the empty tomb. The stories continue to live out each day, in the simple and the complicated, in the suffering and the joy, in the moments of clarity and in the questioning. We also need to tell THESE stories of Jesus. Those in our lives need to hear where we saw Jesus today or yesterday or last week. They need to hear that Jesus is still living and working in our lives. When we share our own stories of Jesus, others get to know Him like we do. 

So, what story can you tell today?

Here is a glimpse of the story we are working on with Jesus!

In March we had the opportunity to travel to Texas & spend a couple of days with the staff of a church wanting to bring Inspire practices into the lives of their congregation. It was a wonderful time getting to know them and introducing them to Inspire.

We are currently in the process of planning more training and teaching with both the church in Texas and a local church here at home which will begin in the Fall. Two other ministry opportunities will potentially be coming up in the Fall as well, so it looks it will be a busy season for us!

We are so thankful for everyone who has supported this call of ministry God placed on our hearts. Your prayers and your financial support have been a true blessing and God has been showing us His provision through each of you. In order to continue extending this amazing story, we still need to raise more for our living expenses. We would love to share more of our stories and tell you how you can support us in prayer and other ways. 

Brian and Misty are Inspire Missioners raising financial support so that they can work more with the Inspire Movement. Connect with Brian and Misty here. 

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