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Testimony from a Missionary in the UK

“Since I moved to this country and started in my new role I was looking for a kind of spiritual friendship in which I could be used and fed. I came across Inspire when I was in Estonia and I attended some lectures of Phil and the simplicity of the way of living fellowship struck me and I was very curious to know more about and taste it. An Inspire Missioner presented to me how Inspire works and found a band which fitted me. My band started in the end of November last year and every time we gather is a booster for me. My band became a safe place where I am able to be honest and vulnerable, giving account of my struggles, challenges and victories in my daily walk with Jesus, and the fellowship always feeds me and encourages me to step forward. I love to be among them every fortnight and I strongly recommend everyone to join a band and delight of the same I’ve been delighting.”

Fabio is a missionary church planter from Brazil working in the North-East of England.

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