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Testimony of Fellowship Band

What has being in an Inspire Band done for me?

Shirley in England sent us this wonderful testimony of how fellowship band is helping her to grow in the grace of God: 

“In the few months since I was invited to join I feel revitalised! It has made me take note of events in my daily life that God has influenced/ made happen/ not happen rather than passing them off as just coincidences! “God Nudges” are becoming very obvious! Plus, I have become more disciplined in giving time to spending with God. Praying, reading my bible as well as Word for Today. Looking forward to these times with a flourish! Spending quiet times, sat alone overlooking God’s creation, our back garden, the sky, and the wildlife, in His presence.

I feel different! Refreshed. That daily life events are not taking over from my time with God and my effectiveness. He IS the centre of my life, my rock. I HAD lost this along the way with everyday life events occupying my time, being exhausted physically and mentally…… Yes, I read my daily readings each morning, attended Sunday morning worship and had rejoined a house group again in the last 12 months after not being in one for a few years, apart from Lent Groups. I was feeling out on a limb……going through the motions but not feeling anything as I was too busy with things out of my control that came into my daily life. I was praying regularly, short arrow prayers when driving in my car, cooking meals doing household chores etc etc. But NOT listening to God, giving Him the time…….

I get so excited about meeting up in my Band. Looking forward to sharing in the presence of our God. Knowing that He IS with us! Amazing. The importance of being consciously obedient to God and the change this is making in my life of feeling that He’s directing me, watching over me giving me peace of mind even in adversity is such a blessing. I get such encouragement from our Band. Having it pointed out to me how much God’s using me in my community, being a good listener for and helping my neighbours and church friends.

We keep each other on track! It’s not coincidence that God’s speaking to us both, separately, about the same things to mention in our Band meetings!!! It’s so nice to have someone that is keeping me on track in my earthly, spiritual journey. I was feeling lost but now I am found.

Thanks be to my Band and our God, whose love for us IS unconditional. I was too caught up in trying hard to be all things to all, doing everything myself in my own strength, hence, being exhausted! Now I KNOW that He’s by my side in every situation absolutely NOW…. He had always been there in the wings waiting for me to talk to Him more but I had forgotten that for awhile.”  

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