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Testimony of Inspire Bangkok Band

“Originally from England, I’ve been serving with NAMS for the past six years in Bangkok, Thailand. I lead an international church called All Nations Bangkok and am working alongside other groups in mission and discipleship with university students in the city. 

For the past year I’ve been meeting for ‘band’ with Phil and a NAMS colleague. Despite having never met Phil in person I’ve been blown away by how powerfully God has worked through our online fellowship band. Living in a hectic city and wearing many ministry hats it can be easy to get lost in what I’m doing ‘for’ God. Band has been instrumental in making sure I’m living and serving from a place of abiding and intimacy with Jesus. It’s helped realign me with Jesus’s definition of ministry and success. It’s helped me gain confidence in hearing God’s voice and my ability to speak into others’ lives as I listen to them and God in a conversation. I have since started another online band with a Nepali pastor and an American youth pastor so that they can in time lead their own bands. I’m now a passionate band-vangelist!  Thank you Phil and Inspire Movement for sharing this powerful tool with us and more importantly thank you Jesus for meeting with us as we seek you together.”

Isaac and his family are in Bangkok, Thailand.

All Nations Bangkok Christmas Party
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