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The Advent Road: Watching, Waiting, Waking.

In his talk for the first Sunday of Advent, Tom Shaw reminds us to watch, wait and stay alert.

“In the summer we had time to rejuvenate, rest and reflect but I confess that is not how I am feeling right now. At the moment as the days get shorter and the darkness closes in I feel really quite different. I am still recovering post-Covid. The children continuing at school but wrestling with the challenge of keeping friendships going in these extreme circumstances. I have not seen my parents for a long time now and that is just our own personal family experience … All these things seem overwhelming.

Looking at Mark 13 the darkness has begun to close in for the disciples as they face the final week of Jesus’ life. Jesus begins to teach around the anticipation of trauma coming … and what the disciples can do.

In the darkness and disillusionment he challenges them to watch out for the coming of the Son of Man, the one who will bring to completion the work that has begun. And so too should we in our own places of darkness and crisis. 

We need to recognise that these are times of crisis but we also need to see The Hope … What looks like devastation and defeat will be God’s victory … Out of suffering and death the Messiah will bring new life.”

Listen to the whole reflection by clicking the button below.

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