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The Gem Cutter

Sarah sent this beautiful story about The Gem Cutter. It also reminds us how God can often use fellowship bands as a ‘rock tumbler’ to help us, sometimes through painful grinding, to persevere until our rough exterior is smoothed into his beautiful creation.

A lapidarist is a gem cutter: someone who cuts, grinds, and polishes stones to make them beautiful. This is about a special kind of gem cutter. He is a craftsman who can work miracles.

The Gem Cutter first finds rocks that are broken and jagged. Sometimes, He chooses them from dark forests; other times, He finds them in sunny pastures, or even in quarries surrounded by other, smoother stones. However, no matter how broken they might appear, the Gem Cutter chooses each one for a special purpose.

He carries them with him, never casting them aside despite how many times they might scratch him. He brings them to his workshop, and with as much gentleness as can be afforded, he begins to chip away their sharp edges and rough patches, clearing away impurities and any lichen or moss that might be clinging to them.

However, sometimes more must be done to bring out the stone’s full potential. When this happens, the Gem Cutter places them in his rock tumbler, letting them spin around over and over and over again. They grind against other stones until finally they emerge smooth and vibrant.

Some reveal themselves to be shiny gems whose glimmer attracts other people’s attention to the Gem Cutter’s work. Others are less shiny, but strong and sturdy. They go unnoticed, but provide dependable support.

No matter how they come out, the Gem Cutter loves each and every one equally. He shows them to the world proudly and says, “These are my beloved creations, who started out rough and broken, but have become jewels and stones of greatest value.”

God is our Gem Cutter, choosing us despite our brokenness and imperfections so that He can turn us into the best versions of ourselves. Many times, this includes persevering through the painful grinding in our own rock tumbler, so that our rough exterior can be smoothed into something beautiful. 

God knows what we will look like on the other side. He knows exactly how long we must remain in the rock tumbler for us to reach our full potential, and He knows just the right time to take us out before we crack.

He has the plan; He knows what we will be at the end… and it will be breathtaking.


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