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The Living Word

Have you ever opened your Bible and thought, “I’ve read that story so many times before but it’s Easter, so I’ll read it again”? And then you start reading the word and suddenly The Word, Jesus, is reading you! He opens your eyes to new truths, highlights a verse you never noticed before, gives you a fresh insight and turns it from words printed on the page to The Living Word of God. 

That happened to us during Holy Week at one of our Inspire House Fellowships. We all choose a part of the Easter narrative to read through the week, and everyone came with a new insight. It was quite remarkable. We’ll share some of those insights in the next few weeks, but this Easter weekend I’d like to encourage you to take out your Bible, maybe you’ll need to brush off the dust. Turn to the Easter story in any of the Gospels and ask the Lord to illuminate His Word for you. And enjoy His Risen Presence, with you now and always. Hallelujah!

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