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Leadership Training

Our leadership training is typically delivered as a series of sessions by Missioner Teams, but individual sessions may be delivered upon request. All the training can be delivered in evening, half-day, or full-day formats. We can also teach any series as a learning community, which is generally the most formative. Click here if you would like to arrange training in your context…

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We simply think of leaders as those in the church with responsibility for helping to make disciples. Because a leader must be a disciple who makes disciples, we recommend that leadership training is taken in conjunction with our discipleship training pathways.


Leadership Pathway GreenMapping the Journey of Disciple-Making Ministry


Session #1:  Gearing Up

Sharing wisdom about the process of forming fellowship bands, and the role of bands in the life of the church

Session #2:  Pressing In

Sharing wisdom about the dynamics of band meeting, mutual accountability and spiritual direction

Session #3:  Reaching Out

Sharing wisdom about the impact of fellowship bands in the church, from growing disciples, to leadership mentoring, and missional outreach

Session #4:  Moving Along

Sharing wisdom about how fellowship bands gain momentum, and multiply their effectiveness in the church

Leadership Pathway GreenLeadership Shifts for Disciple-Making Churches


Session #1:  From Feeding the Flock to Making People Hungry

Creating a hunger for more of God

Session #2:  From Doing Ministry to Equipping Disciples

Equipping people for intimacy with God

Session #3:  From Attracting Crowds to Investing in a Few

Mentoring a few who seek after God

Session #4:  From Mission Strategies to Raising Missionaries

Opening eyes to the Mission of God