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Missional Community Training

What is a missional community?

A small community of disciples, meeting in homes and sharing life, by eating and praying together, searching the scriptures and sharing wisdom with one another, and helping each other grow as whole life and life long followers of Jesus.

What does it mean to be missional?

Being a community of disciples, who intentionally encourage one another to live as everyday missionaries, befriending our neighbours and inviting them home to share life among us, and growing in number by making new disciples.

What is the impact of missional community?

Living as a community of disciples, which raises up new leaders, and sends them out to start new communities in their own homes, as part of a multiplying movement, that renews our churches and transforms our neighbourhoods.

Missional Community Logo BlackStarting a Missional Community


Session #1: The Mission of God

Envisioning God’s big plan in our local neighbourhood

Session #2: Our Great Commission

Living as disciples who go and make more disciples

Session #3: Being Everyday Missionaries

Being sent as missionaries to the people and places of daily life

Session #4: The Home as a Mission Base

Turning our homes into households of faith and formation

Session #5: Rhythms of Missional Community

Establishing healthy patterns of gathering and scattering