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  • Close To You

    Close To You

    I wrote a song with my friend, John, during the outpouring at Asbury University earlier in 2023. It is about our longing for communion with God, ultimately for the marriage supper of the Lamb. It is from the perspective of the church, from God, and the chorus is the church again, expressing both desire and exhortation.…

  • A Calling To Discipleship

    A Calling To Discipleship

    I am a student at Asbury Theological Seminary and a Missioner in the Inspire Movement. I’m currently based in Wilmore, KY but I consider Waco, TX my hometown. I’m a first-generation immigrant from Romania, having moved to the US with my family when I was 6. I came to truly believe in God and trust…

  • Answered Prayers

    Answered Prayers

    We have had a huge answer to prayer this month (August 2023) – we are under contract on a home!! It is hard to believe, but we have been looking for a house for 2 1/2 years.  And more than just the house, waiting for “the” place and community that God wants us to plant…

  • Beyond Expectation

    Beyond Expectation

    In August, our church gathered together for worship one Sunday morning in our Fellowship Hall.  A key part of the time was the shared meal with table conversation and prayer.  We weren’t really sure what to expect. Would taking the concepts from our regular mid-week (Inspire) House Fellowship and tweaking them to fit our context…

  • It Is Hot Outside!

    It Is Hot Outside!

    In case you hadn’t noticed…it’s hot outside. Y’all! I don’ If someone could turn on the a/c outside, I would greatly appreciate it! In our newsletter back in July 2022, I reflected on Isaiah 58:11 and I was reminded of this verse in a conversation just a week ago as someone prayed over me these…

  • Travelling With Jesus

    Travelling With Jesus

    Life isn’t slowing down and we count it as a blessing! We would love for you to join us in praying for all our upcoming travel, both for personal and ministry events. In July, we attended the Global Methodist Conference in College Station, TX. Then slowly made our way back up to Kentucky to pick…

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