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What difference does an online course with Inspire make?

The best way to answer that question is to hear what other people say…

  • “I am really thankful to God for the Inspire Movement and the great people I am meeting as a result. The love, passion, joy and integrity of the folk on this course is such an encouragement to me. Thank you all.”
  • “The image of the rope of sand [in the Intro to Missional Discipleship course] is a powerful one. I think with Covid we have become more like unconnected grains where we are, so this course has been perfectly timed. It is really good to hear set out things that have been on my heart for a while now.”
  • “Thanks for the insights in the video [on the course] that have increased my interest for discipleship. I am challenged to revisit my way of doing mission and I pray to win souls more by the way I live.”
  • “Fellowship band, opens your eyes to see things differently. A  deeper  sense of friendship and belonging ensues.  We are not alone in this journey.”
  • “I was in a band before I really knew much about band, and it was great in many ways. We developed deep friendship and shared life and faith. However, having now experienced band [on this course] in the way in which it was designed, I can see that it is so much more.”
  • “Accountability has been a ‘loaded’ term for me in the past. So to find accountability lived out in a biblical, safe, grace-filled context, like Inspire bands does, is so good.”
  • “I have watched these videos multiple times [on the Intro to Missional Discipleship], but they never stop encouraging and teaching me.”
  • “To be challenged [by the Inspire teaching] to walk each day as Jesus walked, to even be able to imagine what that would look like for me, it’s been life changing and life giving for me.”

If you are still not sure why YOU should join in, why not taste and see?! Register for a course and try it. And/or an Inspire Missioner would be happy to help you find the right starting course for you.

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