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Where Have You Seen God?

… In the Sunrise

What a glorious morning in Wilmore! I regret that I could not capture or describe how purple, yellow and blue sky dwan. I and my little one year old gaze it for a while.

We are reminded. “But will God really dwell on earth? The heavens, even the highest heaven, cannot contain you. How much less this temple I have built! 1 Kg 8:27.

We are singing “All heaven declares the glory of the risen Lord…Forever He will be, Yes Forever He will be… the Lamb upon the throne…

… In a New House Fellowship

At the inaugural Pahrump Valley House Fellowship they were grateful for a small group for their first time together. Six others are interested, and those present are already talking about who they would like to invite. We are going to have to slow down or we will end up with a second house fellowship before we know what we’re doing with the first!

Radley, our youngest member, gave us permission to show how he experienced God in the past week. Here is how it went: Radley: “I was at Jujitsu and got matched with a 5th grader going into 6th. I took him to the mat, got him in a choke hold, and he had to tap out.” Faciliator: “Where did you see God in your jujitsu class?” Radley: “I never could have done that on my own!”

A couple of weeks later Ron (who hosts the house fellowship) was involved in a motorcycle accident. From his hospital bed he was witnessing to God’s faithfulness. He told folks at the hospital that he had the best Doctor in the universe and the rest of them worked for Him! He asked that the House Fellowship go on uninterrupted and his 15-yr-old grandson is helping Mark (an-almost-Missioner!) facilitate.

… In Vision and Provision for Missional Community

We are praising God for revealing a name and logo for the new Inspire missional community that Stephen and Wendy are planting in Kingsport, TN, USA. 

Please keep Stephen and Wendy and their family in your prayers, especially in the coming months as they transition into doing this ministry more and more. They are doing some tent-making work and also fundraising support so that they can give more of their time to multiplying Houses of Healing with the Lord.

Read an amazing testimony from the Houses of Healing HERE

… In Giving Thanks to the Father

A Prayer for Father’s Day – Sunday 16 June 2024

We pray today for dads: New dads, granddads, stepdads, adoptive dads and solo dads. Baldy ones, beardy ones, skinny ones & cuddly ones. Dads who tell bad jokes & dads who dance to YMCA.  Dads who know how to fix things, and dads who just pretend.

Father to the fatherless, we pray for those for whom this day is sadder than it is happy: Those who feel they have failed. Those who are grieving children they never had. Those missing their dads, or their children, even more than usual.

Father God, in a world where some dads are distant, absent or even abusive we lean into your ever-present love.You are faithful, especially to those of us orphaned, abandoned & hurt. “Even if my father abandons me, the Lord will hold me close” Ps 27:10

Father of Comfort, heal our wounds. Restore the dignity, integrity and centrality of fatherhood in our nation.“I kneel before the Father, from whom every family in heaven and on earth derives its name. And I pray that you may know love.” (St Paul). Amen.

Extract from Pete Grieg Lectio 365 click here to read more
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