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Why Join In the Inspire School of Discipleship?

Since the beginning of 2021 we have completed four course online in the School of Discipleship. There is one underway now (April 2021) and one more before we take short break for the summer. We already have online courses scheduled for Sept-Dec and almost ready for 2022. We hope to restart in-person training in the Autumn so in you are interested in having Inspire teaching and training in your area, get in touch with an Inspire Missioner to start the conversation.

Here are some of the remarkable ways that the Lord is transforming people’s lives through the Inspire School of Discipleship. We hope that we shall see YOU soon.

“The teaching and prep was inspiring. The material was a good selection of different learning approaches, something to watch, listen to and read.  To meet with Christians internationally was a privilege and some useful insights and experiences shared.”

“I feel that us finding this course was God’s intervention in our lives. Church for me had become a duty; an act of service. This course has brought me out of the spiritual ‘wasteland’ I was in and renewed my relationship with Jesus with a passion for my growth, His church and  His kingdom. This course has been a real blessing for us . Thank you”

“The presence of Jesus has been evident in this Learning Community even between our meetings.”

“I have really enjoyed connecting with people from around the world.”

“Many thanks to Inspire and our leaders for the thought provoking and challenging course and thank you to my band members”

“I have been challenged to now seek to engage more fully personally with the Inspire Movement and to actively seek how it could be introduced to “infect” the church I lead.” 

“I have prayed for God to send me hungry people but got caught up in my own personal growth. This course has convicted me to be more missional and now I am seeing people hungry for more of God everywhere!”

“The Introduction to Missional Discipleship course has been in God’s perfect timing. I have already formed a band because of it.”

“I have dipped in and out of Inspire for a while and found it takes a while for the penny to drop. It has! It is humbling to hear other people’s joys and sorrow and what God is saying.”

“The international, cross-denominational aspect of the Inspire training is wonderful. And the Lord loves it!” 

“We felt like we were a chair swinging on the back legs of fellowship and mission whilst neglecting the disciplines and seeking after more of God. Mission and fellowship drove us to seek God to sustain us but we realised that we neglected to actually spend time with Him. This course has helped God reposition our chair so that we are firmly on four legs. We had got so busy we were losing our balance. Our passion for Jesus has been reignited. We have our rhythm back with God. We are tired but excited, scared but enthused.”

“Both, School of Discipleship and my Band have been an instrument on God’s hand for me. Most of us are here with the same wish: seeking growth, seeking learning. As a learning community we share things that God has taught us and He uses it to teach each other, it is a like a mutual learning. I’ve never seen something like that before and I’ve been very pleased in being part. When I joined Inspire I was having many struggles that could damage my faith, and the band helped me to find God through my fellows and spiritual disciplines. Nothing so hard, very simple, as Jesus is. I can acknowledge Jesus leading us in each class and each band. After that, I have been feeling myself challenged by God to go ahead on the mission He called me when I first met him.”

“Missional Discipleship in the form that Inspire embraces and the Wesleyan Spirituality stood for and the Movement cause us to look at ways we can do and be disciples and nurture those who come to faith.  I do intend to further my studies with Inspire and furthering my Journey within the Movement”

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