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Why should I register my fellowship band with Inspire?

Being in an Inspire band and/or house fellowship is life-giving. We encourage people to register their bands and house fellowships as a sign of their commitment to one another, and to a growing movement of people who love Jesus and want to live their lives as missional disciples wherever they are.

Starting a band or house fellowship is not too difficult. Keeping going for the long haul is harder, especially because the enemy is always on the prowl to undermine life-giving fellowship. Maybe registering your band or house fellowship could be seen as an act of spiritual warfare!

Bands that register with Inspire receive a pack of resources to help them get started (if they do not already have them), access to additional resources on the website and connection to an Inspire Missioner for additional support and encouragement. For bands that are mentored by Missioners, or already have resources, we still recommend registering with Inspire so that you receive news and resources for your band, access to training, and support from an Inspire Missioner if you need it.

House fellowships that register will receive news from the Movement and has access to resources and training through the website. They are also connected to an Inspire Missioner if they want extra encouragement and support

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