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Worship: ‘spirited’ or ‘filled with the Spirit’?

Is your worship “spirited” or “Filled with the Spirit”? How many can tell the difference? Is the culture of worship reveling in the skill of our hands as we create an atmosphere that “has the form of Godliness but lacks the power thereof”? Or is the culture of worship in your local body filled with spirit, truth, and life? Do you need an expensive rig to facilitate an atmosphere or worship? Or do you yield to the maker of the atmosphere for His presence to overcome the best-laid plans of our hearts and dwell in our midst?

Did we go and find ingredients from the cultures and practices of this world to create incense that smells like what we think God would enjoy? Or are we willing to lay down our lives as a sacrifice in the fire of His holy crucible to be formed and purified so that incense which is holy and acceptable before the Mercy Seat can be released into creation? I am telling you that the time has come for those who worship in spirit and truth to arise in the earth. The Spirit of God which hovered over the waters of creation is hovering over the waters in your heart looking for openness to create a new thing in you to be brought into the world. A new sound, a new visual, a new way of presenting the Gospel. We cannot treat this quarantine season as a time of “confinement” but we must ask God to make it a time of “refinement” in our hearts and lives. “Who may ascend the hill of the Lord, but those with clean hands and pure hearts, blessed are the pure of heart for they will see God”. It is a time of attitude alignment to the Beatitudes.

William is part of the Inspire Company of Prophets. If you would like to connect with him, or hear more about the Company of Prophets, CONTACT US.

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