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2021 Training

The Inspire School of Discipleship is offering Inspire training for Spring and Summer 2021 through Online Learning Communities and we would like to invite you to join in. We do hope that we shall see you at one, or more, of the courses.

Here are some of the online courses on the Inspire School of Discipleship in the coming months: 

  • Introduction to Missional Discipleship: this 6 week course will introduce you to the Inspire vision for discipleship and mission, providing a big picture overview of missional discipleship and the purpose of fellowship bands. It also touches on the connection between fellowship bands and house fellowship as well as their place in the wider life of the church. (Thursdays 18 Feb – 25 March)
  • Introduction to Fellowship Band: a 5 week course to introduce Inspire Fellowship Bands and how they are a means of pursuing Jesus’ Way of Life and growing as missional disciples. This course is best for those who have taken an Intro to Missional Discipleship. (Tuesday 12 Jan – 9 Feb AND repeated Thursdays 10 June to 8 July)
  • Skills of Spiritual Conversation: a 5 week course delving into the essential characteristic, or ethos, of a Fellowship Band and House Fellowship, spiritual conversation. The course unpacks the two ingredients needed for having authentic spiritual conversation in a fellowship band: mutual accountability and spiritual guidance. (Tuesdays 23 Feb to 23 March)
  • Biblical Principles of Missional Community: this 7 week course looks at the Biblical Principles for Missional Community where we encourage one another to live as everyday missionaries wherever we are. (Tuesdays 13 April – 25 May)
  • Discipling Children in Our Midst (Inspire for Children and Families): this brand new course over 5 weeks will help you to equip, encourage and journey with children in the Way of Life utilising the Inspire principles and practices. The course will be good for parents, carers, children’s; workers, church leaders and anyone who has heart for being a disciples who is discipling children. We request that you take the Intro to band and/or the Intro to Missional Discipleship before (or at the same time as) you take this course as they provide a necessary foundation for you to get maximum benefit form this course. (Wednesdays 24 Feb to 31 March)

All the courses are currently being offered at times of day to facilitate an international learning community. If the time of day is a stumbling block to your participation then get in touch as we may be able to offer alternative times.

The Inspire School of Discipleship helps people pursue a life of Missional Discipleship, abiding deeply in God and living missionally in the world. Our courses share hard-earned wisdom from over a decade of frontline ministry in developing the lives of Missional Disciples through the practices of Fellowship Band, House Fellowship and Learning Community.

Each course is led by an experienced Inspire Missioner. Our online courses will also connect you with people from all walks of life and varying contexts around the world.

  • Who is it for?

Any ordinary disciple who is hungry for more of God and desires to help others in their walk with Jesus. This includes leaders, lay people and church planters.

  • What is it for?

The school is for personal growth, church renewal, and missional communities.

  • How will people/churches benefit?

We see people growing as disciples, leaders growing as disciple-makers, and churches growing through discipleship movement.

  • What’s the cost?

There is no charge to join online courses, however, we ask participants to make a donation to the Movement.

  • How does an Online Learning Community work?

Our preference is to gather for in-person trainings. Sadly that is not possible right now. However, we have also experienced the great blessings of Online Learning Communities which allow you to…

  • grow as a community with committed people around the world for a four to six week period.
  • take each week’s content (teaching videos, podcasts, resources) at your own pace. This allows you to wrestle through the material, think of questions, post on the online discussion, before meeting with others online.
  • receive teaching and have deeper conversations during the live Zoom meetings.
  • stay connected between meetings and utilize our online discussion board for sharing reflections, discussion and learning through the duration of the learning community.
  • to receive mentoring in online band by an Inspire Missioner.

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