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Fellowship Bands

Fellowship Bands are the most effective way to grow Missional Disciples and movement leaders.

  • 3 – 4 friends, meeting with Jesus, seeking his Spirit
  • Meeting at least once a month (but ideally every week), for 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Pursuing the life of Missional Discipleship
  • Through deep spiritual conversation on the Inspire Way of Life
  • Face to face and online

In a Fellowship Band we sit at the feet of Jesus, like his first disciples, to receive his Spirit, hear his voice, follow his lead, and be empowered as his witnesses in daily life. Below is a brief overview. Contact us for more details about how to start up and press into a band meeting. Check out how we do online bands.

Meeting with Jesus

Imagine this: Consciously walking with Jesus in everyday life just like the early disciples, and witnessing his miraculous life first hand! Imagine being at his side as the poor are fed, the blind get their sight, the sick are healed, the oppressed are set free, and the dead are raised. Imagine him imparting his Spirit to you, and encouraging you to do these things, and even greater things. Imagine the good news stories you could share with others about how you walk with him, and talk with him, and work with him to change the lives of those around you. Imagine him calling you friend, and inviting you to know his heart and his ways, so you might step with him into the kingdom that is coming all around. And imagine being one of his closest friends – like Peter, James, and John – who got to share life most intimately with him, and one another. This is what an Inspire Fellowship Band is about. The question is, who is your Peter, James, and John?…

Spiritual Friendship

Fellowship band is a way of sharing the ups and downs of life with a few trusted friends, who long for a closer walk with Jesus, and greater faithfulness to the leading of his Spirit.

Spiritual Conversation

Growth in discipleship is catalysed as we have spiritual conversation with one another in a Fellowship Band. There are two key ingredients to spiritual conversation: spiritual guidance and mutual accountability…

Spiritual Guidance

Spiritual guidance is the first key dynamic of a Fellowship Band.Truly following Jesus cannot be done alone. It’s incredibly easy to confine our discipleship into one relatively small segment of our lives. So we might pay attention to God when we are at church, or in our private devotional times, but conduct most of our lives as though he doesn’t exit! If we’re not careful we can leave God out of our everyday relationships, workplaces and various hobbies. As members of a Fellowship Band, we become spiritual guides who help each other keep their eyes on the presence Jesus and open to the movements of his Spirit in everyday circumstances. And we do that by telling our stories, sharing the wisdom of experience, offering Scripture or words of encouragement, and being open to prophetic words of one kind or another. The goal is to help one another discern how the Spirit of Jesus is guiding us, and to follow more faithfully day by day.

Mutual Accountability

Mutual accountability is the second dynamic of a fellowship band. It is what helps us serve as guides for one another. Unfortunately, the word “accountability” can bring on different emotions depending on your past experience! For some people being held accountable brings up memories of various legalistic processes and groups, aimed at managing our sins and dealing with our guilt. For Inspire, however, mutual accountability simply means to “giving an account”, or sharing the story of our daily journey with Jesus. The Inspire Way of Life provides a helpful framework for reflection and sharing. Our culture doesn’t make it easy to follow him. There are endless distractions that can tear us away from being attentive to his presence and obedient to his voice. So we come together for the kind of spiritual conversation that looses us from these daily distractions, and binds us again to the presence of Jesus and the guidance of his Spirit in our lives.

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