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Online Bands

Inspire is intentional about getting people to meet face to face in Fellowship Band. But there are certain circumstances in which we encourage people to meet online.

An online band meeting is exactly the same as a face to face Fellowship Band, except people meet through video conferencing using a medium like Skype, Google Hangout, or Zoom.

Good reasons to meet online:

  • Meeting online can be a helpful occasional supplement to your face to face band when meeting together geographically is not possible.
  • When geographical circumstances make it difficult to meet with sufficient regularity, a sustainable pattern of face to face and online meeting can be very helpful.
  • Sometimes we intentionally get people to meet in band with others who live at great distances, including from overseas. Reasons for this might include difficulty in finding others to meet with face to face locally, or intentionally looking to connect with people who live in more isolated contexts.
  • One effective way to be mentored in a band is to have an Inspire Missioner meet with you online if there is not one in your local area.

Contact us if you would like help in organizing an Inspire Fellowship Band online.

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