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First Steps

Our Inspire Missioners are here to help you! We offer support for anyone interested in joining or forming a Fellowship Band or House Fellowship. 

Taste and See

In general, we believe a “taste and see” approach is the best way to understand how the ministries of Inspire operate. Some things are better caught and experienced by simply joining in for a season. We encourage people to try out an “Experimental Band” before committing for the long haul, and to sample House Fellowship before starting a new one.

Mentoring Process

We also like to connect people to our team of Missioners, who can help you launch and lead a new Fellowship Band or House Fellowship. We have lots of resources, but the best way to get started is to have someone guide you in how to use them. If you’re interested in connecting with a Missioner contact us here.

Inspire Events

Check our School of Discipleship page and Events Calendar for other ways to find out what is going on and how to get involved.

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