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For over a fifteen years the Inspire Movement has been committed to developing Missional Discipleship in the leadership and life of the church. Our vision is to help all Christians live as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries, who abide deeply with God and live missionally in the world. At the heart of this movement is discipleship as a Way of Life, in particular pursuing Jesus’ way of life!

We believe this vision of discipleship cannot be pursued alone. For this reason, the Inspire School of Discipleship will not only help you catch the vision for Missional Discipleship, but give you practical tools for how to pursue this life with others through the means of Fellowship Band and House Fellowship. The School is primarily concerned with developing online training for network of participants that extends around the world. In-person training is also offered by our regional Missioner Teams.

The menu above has links to our course curriculum, upcoming courses, and other school news. Take time to look over the site and let us know if you have any questions!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the School for?

The short answer, anyone! But especially those who are hungry for more of God and desire growing as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries. More specifically the school is for church leaders, planters, and members desiring to cultivate a disciple-making culture within the life of the church and to start authentic Christian communities.

What is the purpose of the Inspire School of Discipleship?

The primary purpose of the Inspire School of Discipleship is to train and equip people around the vision of Inspire, which we call Missional Discipleship. We do this by helping people pursue Jesus’ way of life through means of Fellowship Band, House Fellowship, and Learning Communities. We believe as people pursue Jesus’ way of life they will grow as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries, abiding more deeply in Jesus and living in step with his Spirit in the day-to-day.

How will I benefit from taking courses?

We believe our course curriculum will help you grow as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries. This means you will learn how to grow in your relationship with Jesus but also how to become more missional in your day-to-day. We also believe our course curriculum will challenge how you view your discipleship to Jesus, as well as give you the practical tools to move forward in your discipleship.

How will the School help my church?

The courses in the School will help your church gain a vision for Missional Discipleship and how to pursue it. It will help your church cultivate an inside-out disciple-making movement that doesn’t rely on church activities to grow the church. Instead, the school will equip your church staff, leaders, and members to take responsibility for their discipleship to Jesus, not having to rely on the church to grow spiritually. For this reason, we believe God will use the school to spark both personal and corporate renewal in your church.

How are the online courses delivered?

Our online courses are adapted from the principle of Learning Communities. You can learn more HERE.

How much do courses cost?

We try not to charge for our courses, but there are costs associated with in-person and online courses. We charge a minimal registration fee for online courses to help cover some of the admin costs to get participants set up on the courses. We also ask all participants to make a donation to Inspire, and/or become a regular giver. This makes it possible for us to continue offering training. For each course we will list its operational cost & a recommended giving amount. To give to Inspire click HERE.

Why are many of the online courses timed to be in the middle of the day in the USA and the middle of the night in Asia?

The benefit of taking online courses through our School is that we have a growing network of people from around the world. We have learned from previous online Learning Communities (courses) that participants highly value this opportunity. Following our courses we’ve even had participants from around the world end up starting their own online Fellowship Band with others from the Learning Community itself.

For this reason, we try to maintain an international connection in our courses. This does present a challenge in navigating time-zones and can particularly be a problem for those in the USA who work during the day, or those in Asia who will be in bed!

Some of the courses offer an evening (USA), early morning +1 (Asia), cohort. We hope this gives access to more people.

If the times of our courses are impossible for you, we may be able to facilitate other options for training. If that applies to you please contact us directly.

Do I have to engage all the sessions / video conferences?

We expect participants to engage all of the sessions, contribute to the discussions and participate in the weekly video conference. Our Learning Communities are as much, if not more, about the fellowship of the community than the curriculum itself.

Can I bring a group to a Learning Community?

Attending a Learning Community with your small group, leadership team, and/or spouse, or friends, can be a good way to help cultivate a culture of Missional Discipleship in your context.

Can we arrange a course for our group / church / organization?

Yes, we can do this. Please contact us directly to discuss options.

Can I attend an online course and an in-person Learning Community?

Yes! Many people have found the online courses a helpful taster before going on to organize an in-person Learning Community or Teaching Retreat.

Do I get academic credit for taking courses?

Although we call it a “School”, we do not award academic credit. However, we can work with other organizations (churches, denominational agencies, mission networks etc) to have our courses approved for credit. For instance, many denominations require church leaders to some kind of continuing education / professional developments, and our courses are ideally suited to that. However, the primary rewards are a deeper relationship with God; participation in a community of people desiring a closer walk with Jesus; and an encounter with the transforming presence of the Spirit.

Do I have to take exams?

Rest assured, there are NO exams! Each course has various teaching elements (videos, articles, resources, etc) that will be provided throughout the course. We recommended engaging in these resources, however, it’s not required to interact with everything provided. We simply ask that you invest time in the course you are taking at your own pace. For some, this will mean delving into everything provided for each session. For others, this will mean engaging with just one resource each session.

In Person Training

For news about regional in person training:


“The international, cross-denominational aspect of the Inspire training is wonderful. And the Lord loves it!”

“The Fellowship Band course opened up a new world for me as a way to draw closer to God. I knew my spiritual life was not what it should be and I was looking for a way to grow it. The leaders of this course have done a good job of explaining how to grow closer to God through fellowship bands. Small groups such as this was a new concept that resonated with me and now I am in the process of starting a fellowship band!”

“I live in the USA in Pacific Time. I love the Inspire classes that are designed to connect people around the world! Due to my connection with our Inspire international community through the School of Discipleship, and comments I had made about our unfolding ministry to the homeless, I was introduced to a couple in England. They have 20+ years experience in a ministry to the homeless. I zoomed in with them, for a good hour. Not only did we have fruitful conversation around a shared ministry passion, but we now have ministry partners and new friends praying for us across the ocean!”

“Another programme is not the answer. The Way of Life is! Thank you Inspire Movement”

“We have been Christians for a long time but never found anywhere like the Inspire Movement, so filled with such enthusiastic people.”

“I have been waiting on the shoreline for a long time and now I want to be more involved with Inspire.”

“We say Jesus is here but how do we make a point of it and make Jesus real. We need small groups of people to help us to do that. Inspire makes Jesus real.”

“Our friends really changed since they got involved with Inspire and we want their same enthusiasm for Jesus, so here we are!”

“Discipleship as a Way of Life cannot be just for church on a Sunday, it needs to be 24/7.”

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