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The Inspire Movement is a self-sustaining not-for-profit organization. As a Movement, we live by faith. We rely entirely on the donations of our supporters and participants, and trust them to respond to the prompting of the Lord to give as generously as they are able. This also enables us to make Inspire accessible to everyone, no matter what their financial situation.

We aim to be good stewards and use all of our income to fulfil the vision and activities of Inspire on the frontline. For us, this means supporting and equipping our Missioners, developing resources and offering training at little, or not cost, to participants. We keep our administrative costs to an absolute minimum.

Regular giving to Inspire helps us to budget, but we appreciate that that is not possible for everyone. We are grateful for any donation, at any time, of any amount. Every gift, no matter how large or small makes a big difference to Inspire.


Support Our Missioners

All of our Missioners generously give their time and expertise and we seek to be faithful in generously assisting them in whatever ways we are able. The Inspire Missioner Fund particularly helps us to resource and equip Missioners by providing assistance where it is needed. A few Missioners are fundraising support for their living costs to enable them to work with us part or full-time.

Giving in the USA

The Inspire Movement is registered as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organisation in the USA and therefore eligible to receive contributions that are tax deductible for federal income tax purposes for some donors. 

  • By debit or credit card – as a one-at-a-time gift – in $ (USD): via our USA PayPal Giving account: $ PayPal
  • By debit or credit card – as a monthly/regular gift – in $ (USD): via our USA PayPal regular account: $ PayPal
  • By debit or credit or Venmo balance in $ (USD): via USA Venmo
  • By check – in $ (USD): payable to ”Inspire Movement Inc’, to Inspire Movement, 100 Seamands Drive, Wilmore, KY 40390
  • By Text, E-check, Credit/Debit, Assets, Stuff, etc – use our USA Giving Page HERE (in partnership with Perception Funding)
  • By bank transfer or regular bill pay. Contact us for our bank details.

Giving in the UK

Inspire Movement CIO is a registered charity in the UK and eligible to receive financial gifts through Gift Aid which means we can claim 25p for every £1 given by a UK tax payer. Click here to download a Gift Aid declaration form.

  • by bank transfer or regular auto pay. Contact us for our bank details
  • By debit or credit card – as a one-time or regular gift – in £ (GBP): via our Stewardship Giving account: Stewardship
  • By debit or credit card – as a one-at-a-time gift – in £ (GBP): via our UK PayPal Giving account: £ PayPal
  • By debit or credit card – as a monthly/regular gift – in £ (GBP): via our UK PayPal account: £ PayPal
  • By cheque in £ (GBP): payable to ‘Inspire Movement’, sent to Inspire Movement, 10 Woodland Walk, Chesterfield, S40 4YB, UK

Giving in Europe

We receive payments in € EURO through our Pay Pal account.

  • By debit or credit card – as a one-at-a-time, or regular, gift – in € (Euro) : via our Euro PayPal account: € PayPal

Other Countries

We are able to receive payments in multiple currencies through PayPal. Please contact us to find out more.

Questions about finance and giving in the Inspire Movement?

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