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Missioner Fund

Some Inspire Missioners choose to work part or full-time with the Inspire Movement. In order to do that they raise financial support for their living costs under the umbrella of the Inspire Movement using donation platforms. This means they can receive donations which may be tax deductible/ gift aid eligible. You can read more about giving to support specific Missioners below.

The Inspire Movement also has a dedicated Missioner Fund that exists to facilitate generous giving in order to provide financial support to Inspire Missioners. This Fund is used to help cover the costs of specific training Missioner may need; to provide opportunities for Missioners to go on Inspire retreats; to contribute to expenses where they are not covered in other ways; to assist Missioners if there is financial hardship. If you would like to know more, please contact us: [email protected]

To make a gift to the Inspire Missioner Fund you can use any of the methods outlined on the giving page. Please add a note or reference to your payment so we can designate your gift to the Missioner Fund. If you are a tax payer in the UK please complete a Gift Aid declaration so that we can also claim 25p for every £1 you give. Read more about Gift Aid here.

If you have any questions or would like to know more, don’t hesitate to contact us: [email protected]

Missioners Fundraising Support for Movement-wide Ministry

The Yeich Family

Brian and Misty have been a part of the Inspire Movement for many years. In July 2022 they embarked on a new adventure with Inspire in the USA to extend the Inspire network, deliver Inspire in person training and support local churches who want to embrace Inspire principles and practices. CLICK HERE TO read more of the Yeich’s stories.

Brian is also the Dean of the Inspire School of Discipleship. He has a lot of experience in online education, both technologically and in teaching. Working with a team of people he is helping to develop more courses that we will make more widely available across the worldwide Movement. Brian also works in partnership with World Methodist Evangelism. He is fundraising support so that he can give his full-time to ministry with Inspire and WME. To join in and give to support the Yeich’s CLICK HERE for the Yeich’s fundraising page

Denis Barbus

Denis is a student at Asbury Seminary in Wilmore, Kentucky. He has felt the call of God to help people to have a deeper relationship with God. He is fundraising support so that he can continue his Seminary studies and give all the rest of his time to developing discipleship through fellowship bands and house fellowships, particularly with Seminary and University students. CLICK HERE to read more about what Denis is doing. CLICK HERE for Denis’ fundraising page

Tabitha Heathcote

Tabitha is the Lead Missioner for Inspire for Children and Families across the worldwide Movement. She is developing training and resources to help children, families, children’s leaders and house fellowship facilitators to use Inspire for discipleship in their contexts. She is growing a team of Missioners to extend this work further. Tabitha is working part-time for the Inspire Movement whilst she is a stay-at-home Mum for her sons Malachi, Ezra and Josiah. She and her husband, Michael, live in Helsby, UK. They are both involved in leadership at Kings Free Methodist Church, Frodsham. CLICK HERE to make a donation towards Tabitha’s support (select ‘Missioner Fund.’) Or contact Tabitha for more information

Samantha Meadows

Samantha and her husband, Phil, are the co-founders of the Inspire Movement. Samantha has been raising funds for the Movement since it first began and has encouraged people to give directly to the Movement. For a time she received some remuneration for just a few of the many hours she worked for the Inspire Movement. As we have developed more extensive opportunities for Missioners to fundraise their own support in order to give their time to working with Inspire, Samantha is now following that example.

Samantha continues to provide administrative support to the multiple teams and Missioners across the worldwide Movement, as she has done for more than 15 years. She also leads the editorial team for Inspire communications and is developing the role of Missioner Coordinator to increase the opportunities for networking through Inspire around the world.

Samantha lives bi-locationally between the UK and USA and can receive fund-raising support in both regions. CLICK HERE to give in the UK (GBP£). CLICK HERE to give in the USA (USD$) (select ‘Inspire Worldwide’). Or contact Samantha for more information.

Missioners Fundraising Support for Regional Inspire Ministry

The Watts Family

Anthony and Kylie lived by faith and worked with Inspire alongside Phil and Sam Meadows in Wilmore for 3 years. In September 2021 they started a new church plant in St Louis, using the Inspire principles and practices.

The Watts Family no longer work directly under the Inspire Movement but we are very happy to recommend them as they fundraise their own support in order to be able give their full-time to the ministry of church planting. To join in and give to support them CLICK HERE for the Watts’ fundraising page

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