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Missional Discipleship

Inspire aims to help people grow as Missional Disciples by pressing into a Way of Life with four ingredients:

  • Seeking growth in the love of God
  • Using disciplines as means of grace
  • Sharing fellowship with spiritual friends
  • Engaging mission through love of neighbor

This Way of Life is what we pursue in Fellowship Band, House Fellowship, and Learning Community. Below is a brief overview. Contact us for resources that detail how to reflect on this personally and together.

Seeking Growth

Imagine this: waking up every morning knowing you are a beloved child of God, and assured of his presence. Imagine spending the day walking closely with Jesus, in a conversational relationship, through thick and thin. Imagine your heart being filled, transformed and overflowing with the power of his Spirit, overcoming fear and empowering every step you take. Imagine the joy of walking with Jesus, and being guided by his Spirit, as you reach out to help others encounter the boundless love of God for themselves. We believe this Way of Life is not only imaginable but made real when we ask, seek, and knock together (Luke 11:9-10). The question is, are you longing for more of God?…

Using Disciplines

One reason we fail to grow in discipleship is because we can sleepwalk through life. We can be oblivious to the presence of the Father, and fail to live in his love. We can be unaware of the presence of Jesus, and fail to hear his voice. We can be insensitive to the presence of the Spirit, and fail to move in his power. But when we use the spiritual disciplines as means of grace, they awaken us to the presence and mission of God in our lives. Through them, we become more attentive to the Father’s embrace, more open to the presence of Jesus, and more sensitive to the guidance of his Spirit. The question is, are you practicing the presence of God?…

Sharing Fellowship

We do not grow as a follower of Jesus in isolation, but in community with other committed disciples. The truth is, we all struggle with spiritual discipline unless we encourage one another, and that is the aim of our Fellowship Bands, House Fellowships, and Learning Communities. The goal isn’t merely to enjoy the blessing of friendship, but help one another abide more deeply in God and live more missionally in the world. Because we tend to sleepwalk, and become blind to what is right in front of us, we need spiritual friends who will wake us up and walk with us on the journey. The purpose of fellowship is to help us draw close to God, hold fast to our hope, and spur one another on toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:22-25). The question is, who are your spiritual friends?…

Engaging Mission

Jesus said, β€œa branch cannot produce fruit if it is severed from the vine, and you cannot be fruitful unless you abide in me” (John 15:4). We abide in Jesus through the spiritual disciplines, and he is in our midst when we share fellowship with one another. Abiding in Jesus also means being sent with him, as everyday missionaries, to love and save the lost. The deeper we share fellowship with one another, the closer we walk with Jesus. The closer we draw to Jesus, the more he reveals his heart for the people around us. And the greater his revelation in our hearts, the stronger are the impulses of his Spirit to share the gospel with them. The question is, are you following his lead?…

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