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Privacy Policy

The Inspire Movement recognises the importance of upholding high standards of data protection. If you have any questions about our Privacy Policy please contact us

What Information Do We Hold?

  • We collect and store basic information that you give us on registration and other interaction with the website and/or through your personal contact with us. 
  • If you currently support, or have ever supported, Inspire Movement with financial gifts we may hold information relevant to the processing of your gift. This may include your name, address and email, a gift aid declaration, standing order form, donation details.
  • If you make a purchase on the website, we collect and store your basic personal information (name and email) and keep a record of your purchase history. Payment methods may also be stored securely with your consent.

How Do We Store Information?

  • Your information is stored digitally in our databases on a secure server which has restricted access. 
  • We sometimes store information on a local computer which has restricted access and is password protected.
  • We occasionally, and only where necessary, store information in hard copy that is kept in a secure location. 

How Do We Use Your Information?

  • With your consent, we may use your information to contact you with regard to the activities of the Inspire Movement, including emailing you personally and using a secure email distribution platform like Mailchimp. 
  • Where you subscribe to our mailing lists (through Mailchimp) we will use your information to send regular news and updates about the activities of the Inspire Movement. These may include general appeals for funds. You may unsubscribe from our mailings lists at any time.
  • If you make a financial gift we may use your information to send you a gift acknowledgement, receipt, and/or to process your gift with appropriate authorities, for example: claiming gift aid from HMRC.
  • We may share basic contact information with a recognised Inspire Missioner in order for them to follow up enquiries you have made.

What We Don’t Do

  • We do not share your information with any third parties.
  • We do not use your information to find out more about you or to profile our supporters in any way.
  • We do not contact supporters, except in rare instances for administrative purposes, and we never ask you personally to give us money.

How We Uphold A High Standard Of Data Protection? 

  • We are committed to maintaining the website and electronic communication with the best levels of security.
  • Registered users can access their own personal information through their account and profile pages.
  • You can request to see your information and to have your information edited or removed from our records including our databases, mailing list or files.
  • If you want to see or edit any of your information or to be removed from our databases please contact us. 
  • If you want to opt-out of email newsletters please use the unsubscribe links provided, or contact us and we will remove you from the mailing list.
  • Once your information is removed from our databases and /or mailing lists you should no longer hear from us, unless it relates to an ongoing financial commitment, for example, to provide information for a tax return.
  • We regularly review our website security, the security of all our data storage, and our data protection policy.
  • Inspire Missioners are required to adhere to our Privacy Policy and annually review that commitment.
  • The Inspire Movement is a registered charity in the UK and USA, and registered under the Data Protection Act 2018 in the UK as Data Controllers (an organisation that determines the purpose for which personal data is processed.)

For more information contact us

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