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Ways of Training

The Inspire Movement offers several methods of training: Learning Communities; Teaching Retreats; Focussed Study Groups; Mentoring Cohorts; and Personal Mentoring. The School of Discipleship is primarily concerned with online training, but we also offer in-person training through our regional Core Teams, as well as on demand training for local churches.

If you’re interested in on demand training please contact us and we can discuss it further with you.

In-Person Learning Communities

The great benefit of learning communities is the opportunity to actually build community as we share wisdom and learn together. These communities also have the potential for developing fellowship that continues beyond the formal period of training.

A group of 12-20 people, lay or ordained, who gather to support one another by:

Learning communties are normally arranged on demand, by churches and organizations. The style and content of the training will depend on the nature of the group, and the focus of study. Click here for an Overview of our Training.

What happens when they gather?

What happens when they gather?

Each community usually gathers for five sessions and has the following simple ingredients:

  • Eating, worshipping and praying together as essential community practices.
  • Teaching and conversation on the focus of study (see Overview of Training).
  • Sharing in fellowship band for mutual support in life and ministry.
What difference do they make?

What difference do they make?

  • The Missional Discipleship focus will equip participants to develop their spiritual lives as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries.
  • The Fellowship Band focus will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary for Fellowship Band ministry and disciple-making leadership.
  • The House Fellowship focus will help you develop the skills for planting and multiplying home-based missional communities and movement leadership.

Online Learning Communities

Online Learning Communities take the principles of in-person Learning Communities and adapt them to meet online. This is our approach for the School of Discipleship. Online Learning Communities allow you to…

  • grow as a community with committed people around the world for a four to six week period.
  • take each week’s content (teaching videos, podcasts, resources) at your own pace. This allows you to wrestle through the material, think of questions, post on the online forum, before meeting with others online.
  • have deeper conversations (see above) during Zoom meetings.
  • utilize our discussion board for sharing reflections, discussion and learning through the duration of the learning community.
  • to receive mentoring in online band by an Inspire Missioner.

For more information go to our School of Discipleship page!

Teaching Retreats

Our training is often delivered in the form of a teaching retreat. At a retreat session you can expect:

Teaching retreats may be for one day or over a weekend and are normally arranged on demand, by churches and organizations. Click here for an Overview of our Training.

Study Groups

A study group is a group of like-minded people who come together for conversation, teaching and learning. The group selects their area of study and decides their curriculum together. Click here for a sample of our study groups.

Personal Mentoring

We encourage people to build a relationship with one of our Missioners, who are there to guide people through the processes and resources of the Movement. Click here for more information about our Missioner Support.

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