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Praying for Missioners

The Inspire Movement inspires movements. We are an organisation that catalyzes the emergence, growth and multiplication of missional discipleship in local contexts. Inspire Missioners are catalysts that promote this discipleship movement in their local contexts. They are recognised at the Inspire Annual Summit and gathered into an international community of covenant relationships like an order of mission.

Contact us if you would like to know more about the role of Missioner, to connect with any of our Missioners, or to find out about supporting our fundraising Missioners.

We update this page regularly with news and prayer points, so do keep checking back. And please keep on praying for them all!

  • Arpan and Anpa, Kentucky, USA: mourning the loss of Anpa’s mum in India and unable to travel to be with their family there; thankful for their Inspire family supporting them in prayer and practical ways.
  • Kirsten, Kentucky, USA: completing her semester of mentored ministry with Inspire and discerning for ministry around creation care and whole life discipleship. Click here to read more about Kirsten’s ministry.
  • Denis, Kentucky, USA: taking up new opportunities for ministry whilst at seminary and raising financial support for his living costs so he can continue planting new house fellowships and fellowship bands. Click here to read more about Denis’ ministry.
  • Mary and Andrew, Colarado, USA: awaiting financial support to take up study opportunities that would equip them for their ministry on return to Ukraine; praying for smooth and swift processing of US citzenship so they can travel as missionaries; discipling online groups in Ukraine.
  • Anthony and Kylie, Missouri, USA: giving thanks for prayer group started by two members of their missional community at work in a corporate setting; for every member of our church in a fellowship band; for the inspiration God gave Anthony as he prepared for speaking at this retreat; for being able to finish our church website. Praying for “harvesters” who can come along side us and help lead the ministry in St. Louis. Click here to read more about Anthony and Kylie’s ministry.
  • Clodagh, Ireland: settling into a new ministry appointment in Ireland.
  • Brian M, Oklahoma, USA: discerning the Lord’s leading for new ministry opportunities.
  • Tara, N.Ireland: started a new job; taking up the May 50K challenge; sowing Inspire in local fellowship contexts.
  • Randy and Shelley, Ukraine: leading student bible discussion in Kyiv and ministering to people who have lost loved ones on the front lines of the war. 
  • Brian and Misty, Louisiana, USA: thankful for new opportunities from a recent conference; working with local churches; needing to increase fundraising support for living costs to enable them to do more Inspire ministry. Click here to read more about supporting Brian and Misty.
  • Phil, International: working on a new book about discipleship with Jesus.
  • Stephanie, Kansas, USA: preparing for a season of ministry and language learning in Guatemala. 
  • Judy, Indiana, USA: mentoring in person bands; developing local friendships; mentoring a new house fellowship in Pahrump, NV (remotely)
  • Ed, Indiana, USA: discipling prisoners and leading them in faith. 
  • Stephen, Tennessee, USA: writing an Inspire devotional on the Way of Life; planting a new missional community and preparing for a ministry change in the coming months.
  • Tabitha, England: discipling mums and children in her community; discerning for new ministry opportunities as she looks after her three young children.
  • Robin, Northern Ireland: planting fellowship bands and advocating for Inspire at every opportunity; leading the Inspire Prayer Gatherings.  
  • Derik, Michigan, USA: exercising multi-vocational ministry.
  • Chris and Kat, Kentucky, USA: leading an international house fellowship in Wilmore; managing the challenges of a juggling ministry, study and work.
  • Chance, Wilmore, KY: leading a house fellowship and encouraging people in Inspire principles and practices.
  • William and Krysta, Georgia, USA: ministering to college students through a local church.
  • Constant, Benin Republic: guiding his house fellowships in learning about missional discipleship.
  • Sabbath, Germany: studying theology as an international student from Nigeria and using fellowships bands to help mentor fellow students.
  • Richard, Philippines: mentoring house fellowships and bands.
  • Frank and Brenda, Texas, USA: supporting family during a difficult season of illness and loss; pastoring a local church and encouraging fellowship bands; supporting the Movement as Trustees and band mentors.
  • Jennie, New York (state), USA: mentoring fellowship bands; walking in faith through difficult times and thankful for the support of her bands and Inspire.
  • JerryAnn, Texas, USA: multiplying fellowship bands in her local church and inviting people into deeper discipleship.
  • Peter and Liz, N. Ireland: cultivating opportunities for bands within their local Methodist Church as they offer pastoral support this year.
  • Caroline, England: seeing God at work as she serves as a non-stipendary Deacon in a local Anglian parish and works in a local school.
  • Tammie, Indiana, USA: integrating Inspire into her teaching at Indiana Wesleyan Seminary, journeying through a season of grief with many family members.
  • David, Texas, USA: encouraging fellowship bands in his local ministry; guiding the church deeper in discipleship.
  • Ian, England: multiplying fellowship bands in his local church; part of the Inspire School Strategy Team.
  • Alan, N. Ireland: cultivating new opportunities for discipleship in his local context; coordinating the Ireland Missioner Team.
  • John, England: an RAF chaplain using the principles of Inspire bands for discipleship mentoring.
  • Colin, N. Ireland: seeing God move in the local community and longing for deeper discipleship in his churches.

Missioners Fundraising Support

Some Inspire Missioners choose to work part or full-time with the Inspire Movement. In order to do that they raise financial support for their living costs under the umbrella of the Inspire Movement using donation platforms.

Please pray specifically for these Missioners as they live by faith and advance the Kingdom through the Inspire Movement.

  • Brian and Misty Yeich – delivering Inspire in person training and retreats, and supporting local churches wanting to embrace Inspire principles and practices. Brian is also the Dean of the School of Discipleship.
  • Denis Barbus – mentoring and multiplying fellowship bands and house fellowships whilst studying at seminary in Wilmore, KY. USA.
  • Samantha Meadows – supporting Missioners and the wider Movement through networking and administrative assistance.
  • Tabitha Heathcote – developing teaching and resources to help parents, families, children and youth workers, and house fellowships to utilise Inspire principles and practices with children and young people.
  • Anthony and Kylie Watts – planting missional communities in St Louis using Inspire as their model for church planting.

Find out more about these Missioners and how you could support them: Fundraising Missioners

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