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What We Believe

An Inspire Creed

Inspire aims to help local churches, church plants and other organizations become movements of Jesus-shaped and Spirit-filled disciples caught up in the adventure of God’s mission to the world.

What We Are Aiming For

We believe that authentic disciples long to abide more deeply in God’s presence: to walk more intimately with Jesus in ordinary life; to feel the impulses of his Spirit in everyday moments; to become more like him in heart and life. And we believe that authentic disciples long to live more missionally in the world: to be filled with God’s love, and share it with our neighbors; to delight in the gospel, and become fearless witnesses; to live abundantly, and to see others blessed around us. The Inspire Movement promotes a vision for missional discipleship. We aim to help people follow Jesus, in the power of his Spirit, as whole-life disciples and everyday missionaries.

What We Are Expecting to See

We believe that the mission of God is advanced through ordinary people when they are filled, transformed and overflowing with love of God and neighbour. And we believe that the local church is renewed when its members seek to grow as missional disciples. We believe that leaders who make disciples are those who take care of their own discipleship, and live as examples and mentors for others. The Inspire Movement promotes the growth of missional disciples in the leadership and life of the church. We expect to see the kingdom come in our neighborhoods, when our churches become disciple-making communities on mission with God.

What We Are Committed To Do

We believe that missional discipleship is a way of life with four key practices: seeking growth in God’s love; using spiritual disciplines as a means of grace; sharing deep fellowship to keep one another on track; and engaging life as everyday missionaries. We believe that this way of life is best advanced by small groups of three or four spiritual friends, called fellowship bands, for mutual accountability and spiritual direction. And we believe that fellowship bands are the catalyst for developing other gatherings of the church as disciple-making communities. The Inspire Movement promotes the development of fellowship bands, house fellowships and other disciple-making communities. We are committed to train and equip local churches, church plants and other missional organizations in these missional practices.

Our Theology

You can read about some of the theological commitments underlying the Inspire Movement by downloading this article by the International Director: Wesleyan Wisdom for Missional Discipleship.

Statement of Beliefs and Ethos

Click here to download our Statement of Beliefs and ethos.

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