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Overview of Our Vision

Missional Discipleship

The goal of Inspire ministry is to grow communities of disciples who abide deeply in God and live missionally in the world. This discipleship requires a daily rhythm of seeking growth in the love of God by using disciplines as means of grace, and engaging mission by following the lead of the Spirit in everyday encounters. And we are formed as disciples by sharing fellowship with others in community. Inspire promotes this Way of Life by encouraging people to develop sustainable rhythms of gathering in three kinds of fellowship.

Fellowship Bands

Fellowship Bands are the most effective way to grow in serious discipleship and spiritual leadership.

  • 3-4 friends, meeting with Jesus, seeking his Spirit
  • Meeting at least once a month (but ideally every week), for 1.5 – 2 hours
  • Pursuing the life of Missional Discipleship
  • Through deep spiritual conversation around the Inspire Way of Life
  • Face to face and online

In a Fellowship Band we sit at the feet of Jesus, like his first disciples, to receive his Spirit, hear his voice, follow his lead, and be empowered as his witnesses in daily life.

House Fellowship

House Fellowship is a primary expression of being the church.

  • 6-20 people, all ages, an extended family
  • Meeting weekly (or twice monthly), in a home, for 2 – 3 hours
  • Over table fellowship: Eating good food and sharing good news
  • With rhythms based on the Inspire Way of Life

Gathering in a House Fellowship is usually mid-week and can compliment your existing church commitments, or you can use it as the basis for planting a house church. 

Learning Community

Learning Community is how we are equipped for discipleship movement.

  • 12-20 people, learning as a community
  • Meeting in person or online thorough our school of discipleship
  • For day retreats, study groups and short courses rooted in the Inspire Way of Life
  • Aimed at growth in personal discipleship and disciple-making leadership
  • As training for the ministry of Missional Discipleship, Fellowship BandsHouse Fellowships, and other missional communities

We also encourage regular gatherings for all Fellowship Bands and House Fellowships, as a way to prove mutual oversight, share stories, wisdom and ideas to sustain the health of communities for the long haul.

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