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Learning Community

Most of our training is currently being done online through our School of Discipleship. Please look and see what kind of courses we offer, and what are currently scheduled. We can also arrange training on demand if you contact us directly.

We believe that people learn better in community, and encourage leaders to use this method for pressing in to the principles and practices of the Inspire vision:

  • 12 – 20 people, living and learning as a community, in person or online
  • Formed in discipleship as a Way of Life
  • Mentored in disciple-making leadership
  • Trained for the ministry of Missional Discipleship, Fellowship Bands, House Fellowships, and other missional communities

Contact us for more information about our training if you would like us to organize a learning community for your own group / church.

Click here for training opportunities

Ethos of Community

Learning Communities are either in person or online. Either way, we participate in an interactive style of teaching, conversation, and learning from one another. A Learning Community also includes a taster of guided Fellowship Band, and the core practices of House Fellowship, so we learn together by experience.

Areas of Training

Discipleship as a Way of Life

At the core of Inspire is a vision for Missional Discipleship as a Way of Life. In these sessions we learn how to become mature followers of Jesus by seeking growth in God’s love, using spiritual disciplines as a means of grace, sharing fellowship for mutual spiritual guidance, and engaging in everyday mission.

Fellowship Band

In this training, we learn how to make the journey of Missional Discipleship with a few close spiritual friends, in small groups called Fellowship Bands, to strengthen one another through mutual accountability and spiritual guidance. The experience of guided band meetings are a part of all our equipping and training sessions.

Disciple-Making Leadership

We learn as leaders how to develop Missional Discipleship in the church (and beyond) through four phases of gearing up, pressing in, reaching out, and moving along. We also explore some shifts in leadership thinking and practice that help develop a disciple-making culture in the church.

House Fellowship / Missional Community

This training delves deeper into the biblical principles and practices behind our approach to Missional Discipleship and House Fellowship. Developing home based missional communities can be used for both renewing and restarting local churches, as well as new church planting initiatives.

If you’re interested in joining one of our Learning Communities then make sure to look at our School of Discipleship page and calendar for upcoming learning communities! You can also contact us if you have any questions.

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