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Christian Hospitality

Back in March 2020 Rosario Butterfield wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition about the practice of Christian hospitality going into a state of pandemic and national emergency. At the time she was writing she probably didn’t realise that 18 months later the pandemic would still be wreaking havoc. However, her article is as relevant today as it was when she wrote it.

She writes about what she calls, ‘four important truths’:

  • “Practicing the Christian ethic of hospitality under COVID-19 restrictions demonstrates:
    • (1) Christian brotherhood and good Samaritan care for those whose lives are upended and who need help.
    • (2) our fear of God, not of men (and the virus they may carry). We are to live coram Dec – before the face of God
  • Practicing the Christian ethic of hospitality under COVID-19 restrictions means:
    • (3) soaking yourselves in the means of grace ; it means feasting on Scripture not CNN
    • (4) obeying the vivil magistrate’s efforts to “flatten the curve” and honouring the sixth commandment”

She concludes: “In the weeks and months ahead, our lives may change in ways we cannot now imagine. And our faith may grow in ways we couldn’t have imagined without the testing of COVID-19. Christian hospitality shines brightest in days of persecution and plague. During hard times—dangerous times—when Christians demonstrate that real love takes courage, we model Christ to a watching world. COVID-19 is not going to overcome the world. Christ is. “For whatever is born of God overcome the world, And this is the victory that has overcome the world – our faith” John 5:4″

With restrictions lifting yet people still being weary, how are YOU offering hospitality to others? Have you shared food with a neighbour via the garden fence rather than at the meal table? Did you know caramel slices/millionaires shortbread posts/mails quite well?! Have you thought of offering hospitality in other ways, by listening or just being there? Or inviting people to join you on your favourite walk/hike? 

We would love to hear how you offer hospitality in creative ways.

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