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Knowing Jesus

I am in a season where Jesus has been inviting me to really know him.  It’s funny how as an adult, I assume this requires a lot of work on my part, and usually involves deep insights or profound thoughts about God.  

The past few months we have been starting our day with a daily “morning time”.  We sit around a candle, ask Jesus to be with us, read a short bible story and then sit and listen to what Jesus has to say.  At the end the girls viciously blow out the candle.  It is crazy how this seemingly simple practice has grown us all in waiting for Jesus to speak, and learning to enjoy just being with him.  

Yesterday I was driving in the car with Lucy and Emmie.  Lucy said, “Mommy, what color clothes do you think Jesus wears?”  I said, “I don’t know Lucy.  What do you think?”.  She said, “I think he wears white.  He told me that, so I could get to know him even better!”.

This was profound to me! How often I forget that when Jesus wants me to know him, that it’s not always to get something out of him, or something that requires a lot of effort.  Actually, he just wants me to know what color clothes he wears.  It is about an intimate and real relationship with our Father.

Kylie, and her family, are planting missional communities in St Louis, Missouri, USA

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