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Little Children Shall Lead Them

Our 13 month old daughter is teaching us to “Rejoice in the Lord always and again I say rejoice.” (Philippians 4:4)

As usual we were going to our Sunday worship at church. We parked the car and as we got out, our 13 month old started smiling, wider and wider. Usually such a smile comes when we are returning home from a trip!

As we were climbing the steps to the church, she started greeting people by waving hands, smiling and by cheerful babbling. As we settled down on the pew, she became much louder and animated. She pushed herself to go down. We let her go. It was few minutes to the worship beginning. She crawled and went to the altar and stayed there for a while. She turned back and looked to us and gave a big smile to us as if she is saying, “I am rejoicing in my Father’s house. How about you?”

Her visible joy struck me down. My cup overflows. My heart saw the image of “praises from the mouth of infants.” (Matt 21:16) In the worship, I heard her singing in her language.

She went down again to the altar during the children’s moment. When all the kids were listening to the story, she carefully searched for her elder sister and after recognizing her she sat in her lap. After a while I took her out of the sanctuary and to the nursery. After the worship we met several people. One lady came and asked me where I had taken her “To the nursery,” I said. “She might be disturbing,” I added. She replied, “You know she was praising God and I could hear her singing praises to God.”

These pictures remind me of the vision of “how little children shall lead them”(Isaiah 11:6) in our Father house.


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