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Meeting the Risen Jesus Around The Table 

Am I Making Friends And Offering Hospitality To Others?

We had such a sweet time celebrating Easter this year! Some of my favorite memories from our time in Wilmore are our Easter celebrations.  I was so used to feeling the power of Easter through a big church service, that I didn’t realize how much the truth of Easter could sink in through something simple. But as we gather in a home, eat tons of delicious food, sing and praise God, share “resurrection power” stories, and read his word, this is where I really experience the power of the cross and resurrection.  Actually, in Luke 24: 30-21, it says “When he [Jesus] was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them.  Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him”.  I love that the disciples recognized Jesus while doing what they always did with him, fellowshipping together.  It is no surprise to me then that this is one of the most powerful ways to meet with the risen Jesus, as a family around the table!

The picture above is when we were reading the story of the death of Jesus and about to break our Good Friday fast with homemade hot cross buns, one of my favorite traditions we picked up from Phil and Sam Meadows!

About a month ago one of our group members had one of their family members visit during our missional community.  We know it is intimidating to walk into a group of people you don’t know, but this person jumped in and joined everything.  A week or so later we heard that this person loved being part of our community, and said it was the truest version of church they had ever seen.  They felt prompted by the Spirit to pay for the main course of our dinners each week! We were so encouraged by this testimony, that God was able to help this person feel comfortable in our group and that He met them in a real way.  And in turn, each week as we gather we are blessed through this person’s provision for us!

Kylie and Anthony are Inspire Missioners Church planting in St Louis, Missouris, USA. Read more their stories here.

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