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Issac is a missionary in Thailand. He has been mentored in band by an Inspire Missioner and is now multiplying fellowship bands in his ministry. He writes, “Four of six bands have been launched in All Nations church in Bangkok, Thailand.  Great response so far.“ Praise the Lord! 

Robin is an Inspire Missioner in Northern Ireland. He started a fellowship band with three other men and their meeting ‘place’ has been out walking together. Recently the guys invited their wives to walk with them and the women are preparing to start their own band. Thank you Lord! 

Our Inspire Sunday fellowship in Wilmore, KY, regularly welcomes visitors and increasingly they don’t want to leave! Recently we had 26 people (that’s a lot of shoes!). We squeezed around the table and kitchen area for food and had an incredible time of fellowship together in the sitting room. Hallelujah! 

For their house fellowship rhythm of ‘engaging mission’, the Inspire Thursday fellowship in Wilmore went to a home in the nearby city to meet for food and a fire pit and invite the neighbours to join in. We pray that it might be fan into flame a new house fellowship. Praise the Lord!

We would love to talk to you about starting, growing, and multiplying Inspire Fellowship Bands and House Fellowships. Get in touch to arrange a conversation with an Inspire Missioner: Click HERE to connect

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