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Prayer for Rest

So many things are have on my heart right now so that it’s making it difficult to sleep.
But God, I give those things to you, and I entrust you with my worries.
Father, let me find peace and rest in your arms tonight.
I am weak, God, and so many things have tried to come against me,
but you are strong and you are my strength. 
You will never forsake me, you will never let go of my hand.
I thank you, Father, for your love.
Let me be filled with your love overflowing; you hold my heart, God.
Protect my mind and my spirit so that nothing can defeat me.
Please be merciful to me as I step into the storm. 
I know that you only want good things for me, and I pray that the trials will be used for your glory.
I love you God, and I trust you.

Written by Krysta, an Inspire Missioner in the USA

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