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Prayer Points Oct-Nov 2021

Giving Thanks:

There is so much to be thankful for. Here are just a few highlights:

  • Josh’s 2 year old son who ingested some of his mum’s medicine and had to go to hospital, recovered well and went home safe and well by the power of prayer!
  • Baby Charlotte, born safely on 22 October after various health scares and covid for her Mummy in the last few months. 
  • Caroline who was thankful for our prayers when she was frightened about eye surgery on her one good eye. The doctors decided to observe rather than rush to risky surgery and she can see well enough to move around.
  • Recovery from Covid for Bethanne’s whole family.
  • Testimonies of the way the Lord has encouraged people in their discipleship through the Beacon of Hope.
  • William and Krysta arrived safely in Texas and are seeing the Lord’s favour on their ministry.
  • Derik led a three-hour class at Sprig Arbor University talking about Inspire bands.
  • Barbara, out of hospital and home recovering from a series of seizures, please keep praying. 
  • Online courses for the School of Discipleship planned through to the end of 2022. 
  • “I am just so thankful for this amazing powerhouse of prayer (in the Prayer Message Group and Prayer Bowl) across the continents and time zones. That someone is always awake somewhere to pray! And also someone is always awake somewhere to read and share the testimonies of Gods goodness and miracle working in lives too! May we know God is faithful and His mercies are new every morning”

If you would like to receive news about answers to prayer as they happen, prayer requests as they arise, and updates when they are available, join the Inspire Prayer Group on Signal Messenger. Contact us for more details.

Join Us in Praying for:

  • Many of our Inspire Missioners are taking up new opportunities in their role, sharing the inspire vision for missional discipleship and seeing the Lords favour. Keep on praying for them all! Often serving with Jesus is costly in more ways than we might know. We are so thankful for all our Inspire Missioners in the many different ways they are serving and continue to pray for their protection. See more news and prayer points from Missioners, below.
  • Generous giving to raise funds to be able to translate Inspire resources into Spanish, Russian and other languages. 
  • Continuing development of new Inspire resources.
  • Developing partnerships for Inspire with churches and mission organisations in England, Eastern Europe, former USSR, USA.
  • Our dear Inspire family grieving the loss of Derek who moved to Glory last week. Please uphold his wife Barbara, and granddaughter Sophie, and the rest of the family in your prayers. 
  • Derik preparing to lead a worship for free Methodist pastor and leader at his FMC Conference on November 6th.
  • The missionary team in the former USSR exploring a partnership with Inspire.
  • Fruitfulness from the extension of Inspire in Mexico, Ukraine, Spain, Israel and other places through our OMS missionary Missioners.
  • Good follow up from the online courses that are ending.
  • The Lord to stir people up to register in advance for our online courses in the coming months so that we can plan and prepare well. 
  • Inspire Core Teams meeting in the coming months to discern plans for Inspire in their regions.
  • God’s continued protection over Inspire as COVID continues to cause significant problems and disruption in some areas. 
  • Those who are in special need of God’s healing touch and comfort at this time, that the Spirit will bring wholeness and in the process reveal more of Jesus in people’s lives.
    • The families of Curt and Craig, twin brothers who died less than a month apart from Covid, leaving wives and children. 
    • Shandi living by herself in Australia which is still in lockdown) and unable to return home to Hong Kong to be with her parents.
    • Neill under treatment for cancer in his eye, and his wife Andrea with a terminal cancer currently remission. 
    • Mary, Inspire Missioner in Ukraine struggling with ill health
    • Maximilian and Daniela, “We need a miracle. The devil is mighty, but God is Almighty! After stumbling through every stage of a story like the book of Job for many years, Maximilian is still longing to get to the last chapter where it says that his final years were more blessed than his former years.According to our very engaged doctor who is visiting Maximilian regularly now (with vitamin C and B infusions) it is a thrust of Polineuropathy and we are moving on thin ice. The other day our doctor even made an unannounced and unexpected visit at 9pm. While the fever went down Maximilian is feeling worse than before because of extreme sweating and freezing with still sleepless nights. It is extremely exhausting for both of us. There are many prayers but it would be good if the Lord would answer them soon. How long, O Lord? “
    • Timothy, “The simple prayer is for Timothy’s complete and forever healing. Maybe that’s already happened, and we just don’t see it yet? Or perhaps there are things to be done in the medical realm first. Could you pray for us please for discernment for Timothy, us, and our team, to know the right way forward.”

News and Prayer Points from Inspire Missioners on the Frontline:

  • Derik, in Michigan, USA, leading a cohort through teaching using the new DNA of Discipleship study book; preparing to present Inspire and Fellowship Bands to the Southern Michigan Conference of the Free Methodist Church.
  • Stephanie, based in Kansas, USA, and also working in Guatemala with a ministry facing many challenges but seeing God at work, hoping to utilise Inspire resources in Spanish as soon as they are available.
  • Tabitha, in the UK, and Ruth, in Ireland, working together to prepare the Discipling Children in Our Midst course – see above. 
  • Phil and Sam, preparing to start a cohort for mentoring House Fellowship leaders, leading conversations with mission organisations, overseeing the growing Inspire Movement internationally.
  • Harold and Alison in N.Ireland, part of the Inspire Ireland Core Team and in ministry in their local context.  
  • Colleen and Brent, based in the Ukraine, hoping to start a new house fellowship gathering and Colleen is writing her PhD thesis. 
  • Andy in the USA, leading the Listening Prayer course starting soon. 
  • Frank and Brenda in the USA, mentoring multiple bands, leading a young adult bible study in their church, hoping to do to in person Inspire teaching.  
  • Peter and Liz in N.Ireland, making connections and having inspire conversations wherever they go, hoping to start a new house fellowship soon.
  • Caroline in the UK, ordained into the Anglican Church this month and serving as a non-stipendiary deacon. 
  • Robin in N. Ireland, advocating for Inspire at every opportunity and enjoyed mentoring a band on one of the online courses.  
  • Anthony and Kylie in the USA “Thank you to all who have prayed for us as we’ve transitioned to St. Louis, Missouri. We are getting settled into our new home and have been prayerfully seeking ways to get connected in the city. We have also been meeting with as many people as possible, sharing what God has done and is doing in our lives. But more importantly, we’ve been listening to others stories, trying our best to get sense for what the Lord is doing here. Please continue praying for us. For our families protection, people who are hungry for more of God, and for our first house fellowship starting this Sunday!”CLICK HERE FOR THE WATTS WEBSITE
  • Hannah in the USA, “I led my first Intro to healing prayer night this past month and it went well. I am now beginning to lead some trainings and work with individual students on the college campus. Pray that the LORD moves and works through those meetings as He desires”.CLICK HERE FOR HANNAH’S WEBSITE
  • Matt and Rachel in the UK, “Thankyou for your prayers…Rachel and Zoe visited a toddler group and made a connection with another lovely mum who moved with a 1yr old in the middle of the pandemic. Please pray for more connections and friendships. Matt is continuing to get to grow in his role with the School of Discipleship and enjoying connecting with people all over the world. Over the last few weeks we have seen God’s hand in our lives so clearly, from diary planning to weather dependant activities. God has even thrown rainbows in the sky in order to remind us he loves us and his promises are sure!! Please be praying for us as we continue to make connections in Chesterfield and as we begin to think about more in-person training. Pray that God leads our decisions. Thank you for your prayers…they are so hugely appreciated”” CLICK HERE TO SUPPORT THE WRIGHT FAMILY

International Prayer Gathering

Sunday 31st October

12:30pm Pacific
2:30pm Central
3:30pm Eastern
7:30pm UK and Ireland
9:30pm Eastern European

We meet together on Zoom from around the world to pray and listen to the Lord together. Come and join in. All are welcome.  Contact us for more information and to receive the link for the gathering. 

If you aren’t already subscribed to the Inspire Prayer Bowl, we recommend you do as it is a great way to keep your prayers informed as we share requests, answers to prayer, wisdom and insights.  

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