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The Lord’s Provision

As a Movement, we live by faith. We trust the Lord to supply all of our needs and are not afraid to be persistent in asking! However, we also pray that participants and supporters of Inspire will respond to the prompting of the Lord to give as generously as they are able. This also enables us to make Inspire accessible to everyone, no matter what their financial situation.  

The Inspire Movement is a registered charity in the UK and not-for-profit organisation in the USA. This means that there may be tax benefits for some of our USA donors and gift aid advantages for UK donors. You can read more on our giving page or contact us to arrange to speak to us.   

Where does the money go?

The short answer is, ‘directly to the cutting edge of the Movement’.

Everything we do focuses on keeping in step with the leading of the Spirit to grow a movement, not create an institution. We do organise (to beat the devil!) but we carefully steward our resources. Here are some of the ways we use the money that people so generously give.

  • Missioners – equipping, mentoring, financial support as we are able. 
  • School of Discipleship –  training missional disciples around the world through online and in person learning communities.
  • Resource Development – planning, writing, illustrating, preparing new and existing resources.
  • Publishing – producing and selling our resources on the Inspire bookstore through ‘Inspire Movement Publications’. 
  • Website – primary means of sharing information, Inspire blog, resources, platform for the School of Discipleship, secure system, developed and maintained by Inspire.
  • Communications – preparing and distributing multiple newsletters each month, maintaining Signal messaging groups, using Inspire email to communicate personally with people. 
  • Administration –  maintaining accounts, admin for the School, managing the bookstore, coordinating Missioners, overseeing Core Teams, fulfilling charity administration, networking, etc. 
  • Hospitality – stewarding homes loaned to Inspire for gatherings, accommodation for missioners, hospitality at Inspire retreats and gatherings. 
  • Charity responsibilities – maintaining UK and USA charitable status, accounts, insurance, etc. 

If you would like to know more contact us and we will arrange a conversation. 

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