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Travelling With Jesus

This summer was full of travel. Brian was accepted into a writing seminar which allowed us to spend the entire month of June in Kentucky with all our kiddos and Brian had some devoted time to spend preparing for an upcoming book proposal. Sarah was especially busy with friends, a mission trip, and acting as a junior counselor at the church camp she previously attended. The weather while we were there was absolutely phenomenal and the month felt like a little respite from all the craziness.

July and August we made multiple trips to Texas and Kentucky, with a stop in Mississippi along the way. We attended the East Texas Global Methodist Annual Conference in College Station, traveled back to Kentucky to pick up Sarah from camp, taught an Inspire day retreat in Caldwell, TX and then over to Hattiesburg, MS to spend part of a day with students in leadership at the USM Wesley Foundation before heading up to Kentucky again for Brian to teach a DMIN class.

While we felt completely blessed for all these opportunities, we were also glad not to be traveling in September. A couple weeks ago we did spend a Saturday morning introducing some members of a local congregation to House Fellowships and will be meeting with a few shortly for a “Taste and See” where we will go through an evening of what a House Fellowship really looks like.

We are also scheduled to head back to Weatherford, TX in October for a weekend of Inspire training and preaching with the church we worked with in the spring. Unfortunately, the timing for the Oklahoma connection was not quite right, so that has been postponed as a possibility for a later date.

In the midst of all of this we have been continuing to work on the “nuts and bolts” of our ministry, working through this whole home renovation process, teaching for Brian, and homeschooling for Misty and Sarah. Our plates are full, but we know God is in it all.

Brian and Misty are Inspire Missioners travelling with Jesus to share the vision of Inspire around the USA. They give thanks to God for the provision of their home and funds to make it liveable. Please pray for them as they fundraise support for their living costs so that they can give envelopes more of their time to ministry through the Inspire Movement. Find out more HERE.

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