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Water and Word!

Frank and Brenda, Inspire Missioners in Texas, have had more than their fair share of water problems in the last few months! But it has been an opportunity to be a witness to faith.

“On March 20, between 1 and 6 am, a plastic coupling gave way in the guest bathroom and water came out and flooded the parsonage. When I woke up at 6, I had planned to relieve myself and come back to bed. Water was standing on all the floors and saturated all the carpets.  And they were new carpets! We were flooded in a tropical storm on Sept 19, 2019 as water came inside the house while I was on a Missioner online band meeting!  

In this latest crisis with water, a group text message brought help from people in the church. As one fellow was doing remediation – taking out floors and carpets and more – he asked me how he can decide what church to attend with his family. His background is Pentecostal, his wife’s is Mormon. I told him a bit about Methodism and I told him about Inspire and he says he wants to know more.  I am given a chance to witness to faith in the midst of all this chaos — Glory to God!”

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