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A New Song

“Singing is fundamentally an act with the world and for the world. Songs travel where people cannot. Songs cross borders and can be an embassy unto themselves. Christians get this. The gospel has a soundtrack, and every major revival over the past two millennia has been accompanied by song, starting with Paul and Silas in the Philippian prison. From Gregorian chant, to metrical psalms, to Watts and Wesley, to Beverly Shea, to Vineyard, to Hillsong United — we sing our praises. And we sing our sorrows.

Let us join the anthem of the heavenly throne in prayer for a gospel invasion. The song of the gospel knows neither political border nor quarantine restriction. If God puts the tune in our heart, no siren song can compete, and no noise will overpower. Join us in praying that the melody of heaven will transcend all cacophonies of racist syncretism, jingoistic pride, and selfish individualism. God can raise up troubadours for His name that can cross any border and win hearts over to a melody sweeter than honey.”

Extract from: Sea shanties: a new song for your city? by Ryan Shelton of the EA

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