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A Note from Robin

It is good to take time with family & friends to say thanks for the big foundational matters that have formed us and the small surprises that brighten our corner. As this is St Cecelia’s day (22 Nov) I have to give thanks for the gift of music in my life – from Bryd to the Beatles I have been blest by all kinds of music even though I have some sympathy with Oscar Wilde who said that the definition of an Irish gentleman is one who knows how to play the bagpipes but doesn’t!  

During Thanksgiving holiday I hope you will take time to say thank you for Inspire and join us at our Prayer Gathering on Friday 1st December to give thanks to God, reflect on what He has done for us through Inspire, and on what we can do with Him in the coming months to build His Kingdom right where we are.

May God the giver of life and liberty surround us with His the love of His Son and the power and peace of the Holy Spirit to bring the Good News of Forgiveness & Redemption to those who are lost and encouragement and energy to those of us who are His disciples.

Be blest!

Robin, Inspire Movement Prayer Coordinator

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