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Fasting and Prayer

On the last Friday of each month we commit to fast and pray, particularly for the Inspire Movement. Join us as we seek the Lord for: 

  • Inspire Missioners
    • Giving thanks for all those who have served over the last year, those who have stepped down and those continuing. 
    • Praising God for new people joining the Inspire Community of Missioners.
    • Praying protection over each Missioner and their families as they commit to the year ahead.
    • Asking the Lord to speak to us as we equip, support and journey into the coming year with our community of Inspire Missioners

Reflect as you pray: 

  • Do you feel the Lord is saying something to you for the Inspire Movement? For our community of Missioners? For particular Missioners? 
  • How could you help to support Inspire Missioners this year with your prayers, giving, encouragements?
  • What is the Lord inviting you to do in your life to be more intentional about following Jesus every day?

Prayer for Friday Fasting and Prayer:

Jesus, thank you that you care for me, even when I find it hard to feel your presence. Thank you for your faithfulness in my life. As I fast and pray with you today, bring to mind people in my life that really need to know right now that you love them and care for them.

Jesus, draw …(name the person/people you are thinking of) into your embrace.
Father, fill … (name the person/people) with your Holy Spirit. 
Spirit, help …(name the person/people) to feel the presence of Jesus in this moment and trust him to be faithful in their every day lives.

Help me to be constant in prayer. Give me, and those I am praying for, stories to share of your goodness and faithfulness. May our lives be transformed by your presence and your name be glorified through our lives.  AMEN. From the Meadows’ prayer book

Share what you feel the Lord is saying to you, for Missioners, for Inspire…:

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