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Encounter With Jesus

Several months ago, I had the privilege of being led through a time of healing prayer with my Inspire Missioner Band. It was also a profound encounter with the resurrected Jesus. Because of the high level of trust I have with my bandmates, I was able to share with them that, at that time, I was in a place of anxiety and despair.

A bandmate with a gift for healing prayer invited me to picture where I could see Jesus. We live down a gravel lane, up on a hill surrounded with trees, and a beautiful view of a pond. I immediately envisioned Jesus in a boat in the middle of that pond.

Following is a synopsis of the conversation between my bandmate, me, and Jesus.: 

Bandmate: “What’s Jesus saying to you?”
Me: “He’s asking me to come to him. He’s inviting me out to the boat.”
Bandmate: “How did you respond?”
Me: “I told him I’m too afraid.”
Bandmate: “What did Jesus say next?”
Me: “He said he would come to me.”

At that point, I could barely see through the tears streaming down my face. As I stood on the hill overlooking the pond, here came Jesus. In reality, I was seated at my desk in a room with a view of the scene that was unfolding; yet, I was also very much on the grassy knoll watching my Savior row to shore and stride up the hill to where I was waiting. As we sat together on that hill, Jesus on the left and me on the right, Jesus wrapped an arm around my shoulders and invited me to lean into him. And then, we just sat there. There was no more conversation—just presence. My healing was deep. Recently, I shared with my husband that if he ever sees me with my head slightly tilted to the left with a quiet smile on my face, I’m resting against the strong arms of Jesus. 


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