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Friendship Is A Gift For Us All

The following is an extract from an article by Phil Knox of the Evangelical Alliance.

“Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I am a closet introvert. It’s true. I need time on my own, often on a train and regular periods alone to decompress and recharge when tired. I think I get this side of my character from my dad who would disliked going to large gatherings of people and was the ​‘guy in the corner’ rather than the ​‘life and soul’ of the party, commanding centre stage. But he taught me that relationship was a sacrifice and we often don’t get our own way. He made the most effort when helping people in their walk with Jesus, was phenomenal at discipling people one to one, but also showed up to the big church gatherings, which he found emotionally exhausting, to help people hear the gospel and build community.

Sometimes, loving our neighbour as we love ourselves means we need to withdraw from the crowd and be renewed by sitting in solitude at the feet of Jesus. Sometimes laying down our lives for our friends means going to parties and sticking around for coffee when all we want to do is retreat.”

Extract from Building friendships with introverts: An extrovert’s guide by Phil Knox of the Evangelical Alliance. Phil Knox is head of mission to young adults at the Evangelical Alliance and is trying to be a good friend. His book on the subject, ‘The Best of Friends’, is due to be published in February 2023. Read more HERE.

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