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Gathered and Scattered

Love Feast of House Fellowships

Two years ago two families met on Tuesdays to pray for the Spirit to direct the growth of the Inspire Movement in Wilmore. We were not in any rush, and content to take things slowly. But the Lord had other plans!

On a cold wet Tuesday in November 2019, we brought together the first fruits of those prayers. 40 people gathered at Drinklings coffee shop on the High Street in Wilmore. They represented 5 house fellowships that include more than 60 people meeting in and around Wilmore, bringing together seminary students, local people, university students, singles, couples, families…

Our table conversation was “Where have you seen the power of God in your life recently?”

We shared stories of “Where we have seen Jesus”, ate really good home-cooked food, drank fabulous coffee, worshipped together, ministered to one another and gave testimony to the transforming power of the Spirit that is at work because of the Inspire house fellowships and bands.

The worship was led by people from different house fellowships

It was a foretaste of heaven. The great congregation worshipping and witnessing together out of the overflow of the weekly meetings of missional house fellowships and regular fellowship bands.

The little ones are part of our ‘community’ – that’s what the tiled writing on the floor says!

Having children and babies in our midst was a reminder of the importance of being ‘family’ together in Jesus where everyone is an auntie, uncle, grandparent, sister, brother, child, to one another. This is the community of faith that we want our children to grow up in, loving Jesus and making His love known.

The light of the Christmas tree was nothing in comparison to the light of the Lord in the room!

And it felt like the Lord said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!” Everyone in the room was blessed, but for those of us who are on mission with the Lord in the Inspire Movement it was a humbling reminder that we are caught up in something truly amazing. We are truly thankful for the Lord’s favour.

Sing the praises of the Lord, you his faithful people; praise his holy name

If you’d like to hear more, and join in what the Lord is doing in and through the Inspire Movement, we would love to connect with you. Contact us

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