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Gathered to Celebrate

We had a wonderful opportunity to bring together the house fellowships in Wilmore for a celebration around the fire pit on 14 May 2022. As the culmination of a two day Missioner retreat, the end of the Seminary semester, graduation for one of our Inspire family, and a fine Saturday in May, we had plenty of things to celebrate! 

The fire pit was blazing, the table was set, the skewers came out to roast the sausages and …

… there was a huge clap of thunder and lightning flashed across the sky!

With haste we moved all the food, and then all the people indoors – all 30 of them! The rain came down, and the fire went out, but the crazy full-house-fellowship was a sign of the power the Spirit at work.

One of our Missioners used it as a missional opportunity to invite a friend from the neighbourhood who came with her daughter and 3 foster children. Afterwards we heard that the lady had been overwhelmed by our hospitality, friendship and the way the children were included in the fellowship that was like nothing she had every experienced before.

The whole evening was a beautiful testimony of the way the Lord brings people together of all ages and stages of life, from different places and countries, to grow into a family of faith, as they help one another to abide more deeply with God, and live as everyday missionaries wherever they are.

The rain stopped as soon as the first person opened the door to leave at the end! Whether the enemy was trying to ‘rain on our parade’, or the Lord knew we needed to get closer to one another, nothing could quench the Spirit at work in our friendships.

If you would like to know more about how the Lord uses Inspire House Fellowships to transform lives, then we would love to talk you. You can also read more about House Fellowship elsewhere on the website.

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