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Gathering of Inspire Fellowships in Wilmore

Twice a year we host a gathering to bring together people who are in Inspire house fellowships and bands. We want to celebrate what God is doing, to worship together and provide an opportunity for others to come to taste and see.

This year there are inevitably some extra guidelines to our gathering to ensure everyone has a good and healthy time together. Anyone is invited to come but PLEASE RSVP BEFORE SUN 11 OCT, to tell us if you are coming and how many others you will be bringing.


Here are the details:

  • WHEN: Tuesday, October 13th 5:30-8pm
  • WHERE: Pavilion behind new city hall in Wilmore – 210 S Lexington Ave, Wilmore, KY 40390. Parking is available behind the building as well as on the side near the back. We’ll have someone out front helping direct people just in case people can’t find it.
    • Your own food for dinner
    • lawn chair
    • testimonies of where you have seen God at work in your house fellowship/fellowship band.
    • Sharing Testimony – where have you seen God in and/or through your house fellowship/band
    • Worship – we hope to send songs out in advance so people can have them on their phone if they’d like – another good reason to RSVP, please.
    • Listening Prayer – we will be leading a time of listening prayer for each other, as well as the wider community
    • Prayer for the community – we will close in prayer for our community in Wilmore and beyond.

In order to gather safely we ask that everyone please:

  • RSVP to tell us that you are going to attend. RSVP HERE
  • Bring your own food for dinner (we will eat as we share testimonials)
  • Wear a mask whenever you are arriving and when you are moving around in the pavilion.
  • Sit for dinner with your own house group. If you are not already in a house fellowship then we will help you to be seated in a group. (another reason to RSVP ASAP please) Once you are seated, your group can choose whether or not you wear a mask whilst you are seated.
  • We hope you will share lots of testimony. It would be helpful if you would stand up to speak and remove your mask when you speak to the whole gathering so that people can hear better.
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